Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Daftar 2 Orang Generaloberstabsarzt Luftwaffe (Staff Jenderal Medis Atas Angkatan Udara Nazi Jerman)

Prof.Dr.med. Erich Hippke (7 Maret 1888 - 10 Juni 1969)
Generaloberstabsarzt (1 Juli 1941)

Generalstabsarzt (1 Januari 1940)
Generalarzt (1 Februari 1939)
Medali tertinggi: Deutsches Kreuz in Silber (3 Februari 1944)

Prof.Dr.med. Oskar Schröder (6 Februari 1891 - 26 Januari 1959)
Generaloberstabsarzt (1 Januari 1944)

Generalstabsarzt (1 Juni 1942)
Generalarzt (1 Juni 1940)
Medali tertinggi: Ritterkreuz des Kriegsverdienstkreuzes mit Schwertern (1 Februari 1945)

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Foto koleksi Bundesarchiv Jerman
Foto koleksi pribadi Dieter Zinke

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Dr K Prabhakar Rao said...

It can be seen clearly that the German. Airforce lt General Oscar. Chief of staff of Medical services was convicted at doctors trial at Nutemberg and was sentensed to life, while the doctors at Dacahu trials by U s military tribunal. In the case of US vs Martin Gottfried Weiss were executed for similar crimes of conducting medical experiments on human beings who were camp inmates such as prisoners? the sentenses were almost arbitrary such as applying a new found word common design. but why this general of airforce escaped with life sentense is not known.